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The Fit Life: when the honeymoon is over.

Ever have a running week that sucks?  Not just a run:  every run, for a week.  That was this week. The first months back to running felt like that honeymoon period when you get back together with a lost love: … Continue reading

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The Fit Life: What inspires you?

Kids are funny.  As a parent, you spend most of your time trying to get or keep their attention.  They’re like coked out squirrels with way too much vocabulary.  It takes so much energy to get them to recall what … Continue reading

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The Fit Life: get your head checked

I’m hooked on the show, “The Good Place”.  If you haven’t watched it, I’m about to spoil the first season for you.  Congratulations! You’ve died and gone to the Good Place.  But wait, why am I frustrated and anxious all … Continue reading

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The Fit Life: A Mystery Run

It’s Thursday Mystery Run, which means anything goes on the trails.  Tonight does not disappoint.  Everyone shows up at the meeting spot, ready to run.  But wait. Not yet!  The leader assigns me and another guy as designated drivers, so now … Continue reading

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