The Fit Life: priorities

There is a story of two sisters:  one, Mary; the other, Martha.  They are entertaining a friend.  But, Martha is left to the hard work of “hospitality” while Mary hangs out with their guest.  Martha involves the guest in a dispute, not very tasteful but the wine has been flowing, so… – Tell my sister to help me out instead of being a lazy arse!  The guest, not feeling all that diplomatic, seems he’s also enjoying the wine, tells Martha to get her priorities straight.  Wait what?

Fast forward to Saturday night. This is a time when I am usually elbow deep in race preparation, scrubbing away at gritty details, polishing swag, double-checking guest lists and setting everything precisely in its place.  Time consuming, detailed, exhausting work.  Important work!  So, what on EARTH am I doing at the airport just six hours before a TV interview and one week before The Big Day?  I’m taking a page from Mary:  getting my priorities straight.

Due to things unanticipated but anxiously awaited, one week before the arrival of important guests, I take three days off to hang with an old friend, literally, old…we haven’t seen each other in a quarter of a century.  It seems I’m the only one who got the aging memo.  Occasionally, I sneak away for tidying and sorting that can’t wait.  But, for the most part, I let things pile up.  Unthinkable.  Sometimes, the unthinkable is doable.

Three days and twenty-five years of catching up later, I understand better the story of two sisters and the wisdom of one guest.  Everything that matters, all things meaningful, are about connection.  We are  soul seekers and heart feelers first, otherwise busily unfulfilled when we put tasks ahead of relationships.  Does that mean we throw away the lists and chores? Not at all.  We just remember that if we must choose between being and doing, it is much better to be at an airport on a late Saturday night, embracing an old and still dear friend until the next time we meet.

And now, back to work!  Company’s coming.

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2 Responses to The Fit Life: priorities

  1. Una says:

    There will always be something on the to do list, but not always a human connection. It’s funny how this actually is something we have to think about and make choice to do, isn’t it?


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