The Fit Life: what if we had a choice?

Weekends have returned to my “run everything” time.  I now have the strength and stamina to do exploring runs anywhere, all weekend long. It’s a good feeling.

After one especially beautiful run, I got to reflecting.  What if I could choose my own after-life, my perfect paradise?  What would that look like?  Surrounded by the smell of new spring, I closed my eyes, trying to imagine my personal heaven.  Engulfed in the most stunning pictures of nature, I saw myself running, floating, along mountain ridges, chasing sunsets across oceans, soaring above rain forests and through fields of flowers.  I ran as hard as I could, never losing my breath or fatiguing.  And I thought, if this could be “faith”, life everlasting, I would pay to convert, any price.

Then I realized, isn’t that what paradise is supposed to be?  Something we crave so much that we would do anything to attain it?  And I was struck by an epiphany:  The life I would give anything to live forever is the life I live now.


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