The Fit Life: Every adventure begins with a risk.

There are only two days to the start of a one hundred mile journey through an award winning river valley and here I am digging another thistle out of my hand.  This is what the trails give.  They tell their own story, we just give the trails a voice. 2017-08-24 18.49.49

Canadian RVR is a philosophical course, not one meant to make sense or have any measure of predictability.  The course changes every season, preserving the trails for years and generations of use.  It is designed to move you beyond the predictable and known, to make space for you to challenge yourself in new and different ways every time.  The race makes no room for PBs or FKTs.  You can’t chase last year’s time because it is rendered irrelevant with each iteration.  The distance is approximate, like the trails, not accommodating expectations or norms or rules.

We don’t make the trails or change the trails or even trim the trails.  The course is what nature has given us.  We are stewards and – sometimes grateful – participants in it.  We don’t fight the course.  We embrace it.  We accept it, fallen trees and gnarly roots and steep cliffs.  We believe that trails are meant to be explored, to be sought out and discovered, not conquered and dominated.

30738097_10101334393996735_2377085276724920320_nThe race does not accommodate.  There is no room for mediocrity here.  To succeed at Canadian River Valley Revenge, you must get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.  Your limits are not the terrain or your training, neither are they nutrition or endurance.  Your only real limits are in your mind.

Our seasoned racers often try to get inside the course designer’s head, hoping that will give them a measure of redemption on race day.  To help you know the mind of Todd, here are his reflections:

Most of this course was run with no intention of the end result, except allowing myself to be in the moment .These trails that you’ll be running are always giving, then shifting, forcing us to explore something new, the path less traveled, goat trails, deer poop, coyotes and rabbits ( coyotes chase rabbits, rabbits make trails ). Ultimately, it’ll be just you and the course.  There is a flow to it.  If you quiet your mind, remember to breath, you’ll see stunning vistas, tree houses, trampolines, golf balls, trucks, an open pit (where dreams are buried), some gnarly single track, some stunning bridges and a beauty that is called The River Valley.  



It doesn’t start as an adventure.  It begins with a risk.  Thank you for taking a risk on us.

#seetheforestforthetrails #notjustabouttherun


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