RVR Ultra: new year, new look.

For anyone who has risked to attempt Canadian River Valley Revenge, they know that our race is anything but typical.  It was never meant to be.  It is the collective vision of what we love to run, 100 miles of tucked-away river valley trails that most people don’t even know exist.


PC: Steven Csorba

Interestingly, our course has found a rapidly growing group of athletes looking for adventure.  They want more than miles.  They want a kind of race experience with rigour beyond the data.  Untraceable suffering.   Todd, the course designer, doesn’t own a watch, he rarely carries a phone (even when he should), and he has no idea what his pace is.  He’s not looking for data.  He’s looking for adventure.  Whether that’s the West Coast Trail or the Grand Canyon, or a multi-day race through the Alps.  No data, no go-pro.  More than miles.

2017-08-24 18.49.28So, when it came time to match our logo with our race, it just made sense to capture the wild and untamed elements.  Yes, we have a river, there are trees, even beautiful vistas.  That is the facade, the lie that draws you in.  The course is malicious and mad, chasing racers through haunted woods.  Runners think they want to finish.  In the end, they want only to escape.


Are you ready for adventure?  Are you sure?RVR_Logo_FullColour_RGB.png



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